Welcome to Tokyo Acting Class!



It is for you if:

you are a beginner, and

- have always wanted to try acting

- you would like to know how to start 

- you would prefer to take private classes before/beside joining a group

- you would like gain confidence and improve your presentation skills

- you would like to boost your mood by trying something new



you are an experienced actor, and

- you feel your skills got rusty during COVID

- you would like to work on your focus and presence

- you are preparing for an audition or entrance exam

- you are interested in improving your acting skills

- you would like to polish your monologues

- you are devising your own performance but you need constructive feedback before you take it to your audience


SMALL GROUP ACTING WORKSHOP (max. 4 participants)

It is for you if:

- you prefer to work and create with partners

- you are interested on working on a specific material

- you would like to experiment in devised work 

- you are interested in working internationally and globally


First consultation is free (30 minutes): we discuss your interests, experience, and the ways I can help you achieve your goals. 


Inquiries, booking:

info@tinarosner.com // info@tokyoactingclass.com


Classes are held online or face-to-face, as the situation allows. 

In-person sessions are held in Tokyo. 

Preferred time zone: daytime Japan Standard Time (flexible).

Private classes are available on an on-demand basis or can be taken as a set course. 

Fee: on a flexible sliding scale basis. Affordable and reasonable.

Student discount is available.

Levels: Beginner / Experienced / Advanced





Script consultation session

It is for you if:

- you are working on your script and would like to get a feedback on your project

- you are stuck with characters and situations in your script

- you are writing a synopsis and it still feels too lengthy or short

- you are almost done with the writing process and need an editor to make your story more cohesive

- you would like to know more about dramaturgy


Reading room (private or small group)

It is for you if:

- you are interested in drama history or theatre theory, but no chance or time to enroll in a full degree progam

- you are interested in play analysis 

- you enjoy reading and discussing your thoughts and ideas on a one-to-one basis or in a small group

- you are nostalgic for your college drama seminars

- you have wanted to read or re-read classic plays for a long time but procrastinated it because there are just so many other things to do


Project based or single sessions. Online is OK.