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Tina has launched Tokyo Acting Class!

Interested in acting but don't know how to start? Would you like to work on your acting skills? Are you preparing for an audition and need practice and constructive feedback? Do you have a script that needs editing? 

Private acting classes, small group acting workshops, script editing sessions with Tina. 

Online or in-person. 


More details: www.tokyoactingclass.com

Inquiries, booking: info@tinarosner.com // info@tokyoactingclass.com 



Tina is back on stage!


She is performing in Japanese in the new production of chelfitsch, written and directed by Toshiki Okada. The performance premiered at the Kichijoji Theater in Tokyo, and has been invited to renowned domestic and international theatre festivals. 



by chelfitsch

Playwright / Director: Toshiki Okada

Cast: Mari Ando, Qiucheng Xu, Tina Rosner, Ness Roque, Robert Zetzsche, Leon Kou Yonekawa


Performed in Japanese with English surtitles.


"The future of theater and language opened up by creation with actors whose first language is not Japanese.

An unprecedented sci-fi-type play mingling different realities.

With an important mission to fulfill, the spaceship In-Between cruises through the universe with a crew of four human beings and one android.

Beginning in 2021, chelfitsch recruited participants for and deepened its thinking on the project through workshops and talk events. In the months of March and April 2023, the troupe held auditions for actors who had taken part in the workshops up to that time, and selected four to be in the play. It then created and announced The Window of Spaceship ‘In-Between’ together with these four." (www.chelfitsch.net)


Past performances:


Kichijoji Theater, Tokyo, Japan, 2023


Kyoto Experiment, Kyoto, Japan, 2023


Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, Wuzhen, China 2023


Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels, Belgium, 2024


Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Seoul, South Korea 2024



Photo credits: Hideto Maezawa


We are Wrestlers 

Directed by Kevin Jean

A cynical young salary man, Kazuho, comes across a man, Hiro, about to commit suicide. He is going to convince him to first go on a trip with him…


The short movie that Tina had a role in has had a good run in various festivals:  


Best Comedy Award at the Golden Harvest Film Festival in Tokyo  

Peter O'Fallon Award at the 8th Ridgway Independent Film Festival (Colorado)

Festival selection:

Boden International Film Festival (2022)

Ridgway Independent Film Fest (2022)

14th Underground Cinema Film Awards (2022)

MikroFAF (2022)

Golden Harvest Film Festival (2022)

Standing Rock International Shorts Festival (2023)






Recent conference presentations: 

Theatre, Documentation, Memory: Theatre Studies Conference, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary - panel curator and presenter "COVID Timeline and Documentation as Life Sign: Contemporary Japanese Theatre in the Years of the Pandemic COVIDővonal és a dokumentáció mint életjel: a kortárs japán színház a pandémia éveiben"


Art in the Countryside: Symposium on Art and Regional Revitalization through Case Studies from Japan, German Institute of Japanese Studies, Tokyo  presenter "Turning Inward as a Coping Mechanism: Physicality and Pandemic in the Tōhoku Region"


Living Being and its Environment: Symposium on Animals and Arts, Westwerk Cultural Association, Szombathely, Hungary - presenter ("Flea Circus and its peers: Insects in Contemporary Performing Arts" "Bolhacirkusz - Rovarok a kortárs előadás terében"


Recent invited lecture: 

Technology and Theatre: Contemporary Japanese Performing Arts, Free Association of the former Academy of Dramatic and Film Arts, Budapest  





The recording of Tina's previous lecture on transmedia dramaturgy and technology in Japanese performing arts has been posted and now fully accessible on the HARVARD UNIVERSITY MAHINDRA HUMANITIES CENTER TRANSMEDIA ARTS SEMINAR homepage.

More info: https://mahindrahumanities.fas.harvard.edu/event/technology-and-transmedia-dramaturgy-contemporary-japanese-performing-arts

Technology and Transmedia Dramaturgy in Contemporary Japanese Performing Arts

This lecture focuses on the recent trends of transmedia and technology in contemporary Japanese performing arts. It begins with an overview of a wide scope of artists exploring objects, image, and new media dramaturgy. This includes discussion of works by Dumb Type, Takayama Akira, Tanino Kuro, Hirata Oriza. Representatives of the younger generation, such as Ichihara Satoko and the theatre collective Hanchu-Yuei, are also included. This lecture will also touch upon the various ways Japanese traditional performing arts (nō, kabuki, bunraku) have been experimenting with incorporating cutting-edge technology in their recent productions. Through the case study of teamLab, this lecture analyzes how transmedia meets popular culture to create a globally known visual brand, reflecting on how the postponed Olympic Games and the COVID-19 pandemic have been rerouting the established streams of spectatorship and cultural policy making in Japan.

Full video:




Two of Tina's photos got officially selected for exhibition, and published in a photography collection book. Better yet, one of them is the inner cover page of the book!

Photopia / Scotopia - Tokyo Vol. 4. by Genzou Project

Available online here: https://bccks.jp/bcck/162006

More info on the project: http://genzou.org

Photopia / Scotopia - Tokyo Vol. 4. by Genzou Project is a photo book dedicated for the ever-changing flow of Tokyo images. "Genzou" is a photo journal published and curated by the collaboration of Tamaki Hosobuchi and Kio Griffith. Each issue materializes from a relevant social theme that is addressed through photography and text. The publication is a dual front cover from which a separate path is taken to meet at the centerfold. Each issue is a limited edition of 100 and is edited in Japanese and English.

Genzou is available for purchase at Artbook at Hauser & Wirth (Los Angeles, CA, USA)  Gallery Lara Tokyo at Roppongi 605 (Tokyo, Japan) and online.