Below is the description of my "QUIET MICROCLIMATE / SILENT ROOM" project that took place at the "Performing Climates" - Performance Studies International conference in Melbourne in 2016. It was located very close to the communal space (with a participant number of about 300), and it was great to see that people actually used the room for "zoning out" temporarily: taking a short nap, reading though their notes, or just looking out of the window.(The photo was taken in the early morning, in a rare moment when nobody was there. In the case of a silent room, what is better, I wonder: if it runs "full capacity" in a shared quietude, or if it's only you, or if there's nobody...) 



(Dear John Cage and James Turrell, thank you.)


Conferences are important. But conferences are exhausting. Amidst the dynamic overflow of scientific discussion, the constant buzz of socializing and the long hours of sharp focus, it is vital to slightly shift the academic climate of the conference by acknowledging and supporting the basic need for reflective time by creating an environment of quietude, in order to get the balance back between socializing and solitude during the day.


I would like to create and provide a space where people can “just be”, have a moment for themselves (or to take a short nap?). Like a cat lounge, a snail shell, an ambient zone, a retreat from the climate of continuous social interaction. It is not a performance, it is the temporary suspension of the performative: a public space of shared solitude. An inclusive yet tacit zone, open for local students and conference participants. A Quiet Microclimate, a silent room, where the visitor can gather his or her breath, thoughts, energies; it is a zone for being comfortably quiet, for spending some time off to recharge the social batteries.



Even if you share it with others sometimes.

Feel free to take a seat and:

- enjoy some quiet time;

- go offline for a while and keep your conference schedule and laptop in your bag;

- relax your shoulders;

- calm your breathing (or take a short nap).


With love,



Performance Studies International "Performance Climates",

July 5-9 2016, Melbourne,  

University of Melbourne, Old Arts Building, Room 220



Feeling social?

Credits: Máté Komjáthy, Dezső Horgász, Márió Tóth-Simon, Tina Rosner.

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