(selected list):


2018 Performance Studies International conference, Daegu, South Korea - Tokyo Animals and Taming Gestures: The Network of Pet Performativity in Contemporary Japan

2017 Japan Pop Goes Global, Toyama Gakuin University, Tokyo - Layers of Traditional in the Popular Performing Arts; Object and Voice as Character - Vocaloid Opera Aoi

2016 "A Glass Falls Off the Table: Nonhuman Performativity - New Perspectives, Performance Studies International conference, Melbourne, Australia - panel curator

2016 Performance Studies International conference, Melbourne, Australia - Object And Voice as Character: Vocaloid Opera AOI 

2016 "Quiet Microclimate / Silent Room" installation, Performance Studies International conference, Melbourne, Australia - director

2016 Deutschland, Japan, Russland heute: Formen kultureller Begegnungen in den Gegenwartslyrik, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan - The Poetics of Nonhuman Performance (joint presentation with Professor Shintaro Fujii)

2015 Performance Robot Dramaturgy, Tokyo / New York, Discussion and workshop, Martin E. Segal Center - CUNY Graduate Center, New York, USA - panelist 

2015 Performance Studies International 2015 Tohoku -  Beyond Contamination: Corporeality, Spirituality and Pilgrimage in Northern Japan, Aomori, Japan - A Fly in the Light: The Corporeal Presence of the Organic and Inorganic Other

2015 "Dis-, Re-, Unorganized Spaces in Contemporary Theatre and Drama", Pécs (organizer and presentation) - A káosz (újra-) rendeződő terei - Térkoncepciók a 2011 utáni japán színházban 

2015 International Japanese Studies Conference "Building Connections Between Central and Eastern Europe", Eötvös Loránd University - Japan Foundation, Budapest: Sharing Space with the Other - Concepts of Performative Presence in Oriza Hirata's Robot Theatre

2013 “Comedy of Errors” - Error, Mistake, Misunderstanding and Theatre, Pécs (organizer and presentation) - Vice or not: Az elutasítás formái a színházalkotói folyamatban (Forms of Refusal in the Creative Process of Theatre)

2012 “Theatre and Higher Education in Pécs – 25th Anniversary”, Pécs (organizer and presentation): Légy a fényben – Színre vitt állatok (Animals on Stage)

2011 “Reconstruction as Education”, Pécs (organizer and presentation): Hamlet, monológ, tárgyanimáció (Hamlet, Monologue, Object Animation)

2009 “Contemporary Theatre Studies”, Pécs (organizer and presentation): A csend szerepe a drámában és színházban –  Gombrowitz, Beckett, Wilson (The Silence in Theatre and in Plays – Gombrowitz, Beckett, Wilson)

2006 “Brecht, our Contemporary”, Pécs (organizer and presentation): Brecht a színészről (Brecht on the Actor)

2004 “Spaces, Images – The Modern City”, Pécs (organizer and presenter): Tettyei népünnepélyek a múlt századfordulón (Public Happenings in Pécs in the beginning of 20th Century)

2003 TRANSTEATRAL – Contemporary Theatre Conference, Prague, Czech Republic – Methods and Problems of Hungarian Actor Training